Senior Men’s Player Profile: Killian Everard

Up next for the men’s senior team is Killian Everard , born and raised within a kilometre from the club he has hills blood flowing through his veins!

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Name + nickname: Killian Everard (Killo)

Age: 21

Favorite batting shot: Edge through slips for 4

Bowling type: Swing bowler

Debut for senior team: Merrion away in the league in 2016

Best memory in hills colours: Taking my first senior wicket on debut

Worst memory in hills colours: Losing the U17 final against YMCA

Favorite player you’ve played with: Naz (speaks for itself really, he’s a legend)

Player you wish you got to play with: Jeremy Bray (great player and would’ve been good craic to play with)

Favorite ground you’ve played in apart from the hills: YMCA (they have the second best teas, after us of course)

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch: Colly kicking his helmet in anger towards to sight screen after being runout

Goals for future: To win an all Ireland for the club and to get to the top of my game

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