Senior Ladies Player Profile: Tracy Clinton

Second up for the ladies is fan favourite Tracy Clinton. Today’s player profile is sponsored by Rethink Graphics.Thanks so much for your continued support!

Name + nickname: Tracy Clinton
T, TT or Mary

Age: 37

Favorite batting shot: cover Drive

Bowling type: Slow……dibleys!

Debut for senior team: Cant remember it was that long ago😂 but I was probably about 12 and more than likely against Ymca

Best memory in hills colours: Getting to our very first Senior cup Final and I was captain

Worst memory in hills colours:
Years and years ago, Barbara Clinton and myself trying to get players out to play matches, alot of matches we played with 8 but we continued on. On the upside some years later we had 3 teams out for the club

Favorite player you’ve played with: I have two…..Miranda Andrew’s, the craic we have on that pitch and Ciara Metcalfe…..unbelievable knowledge of the game and is a bit of craic too

Player you wish you got to play with: Younger years it would have been Miriam Grealy, later years it would have been Clare”shillers” Shillington even though I played representative cricket with her

Favorite ground you’ve played in apart from the hills: Any ground I score a few runs!😉

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch: Oohhh theres a few but it would probably be, Amanda Byrne, we were playing out in Leinster, the ball was hit out to the boundary, Amanda did a dive to stop the ball, ball continued to roll down the line but instead of her jumping back up to get it….she crawled, very fast, on all fours after it😂 Can still picture it!

Goals for future: To get some new and old players back to the Hills to continue the ever developing young side we have coming through

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