Senior Ladies Player Profile: Naomi Matthews

Next up for the senior ladies we’ve got Naomi Matthews. Today’s player profile is sponsored by C&T Supermarket Skerries. Thank you for your continued support!

Name + nickname: Naomi + Nomes

Age: 22

Favorite batting shot: sending the bowler back over their head

Bowling type: whatever is needed on the day 😂

Debut for senior team: 5 July 2018

Best memory in hills colours: chasing 190 against Malahide on the debut game and Miranda running a 7 😂

Worst memory in hills colours: leaving div 1 last year 😰

Favorite player you’ve played with: Anna Peterson

Player you wish you got to play with: Katherine brunt @ uni

Favorite ground you’ve played in apart from the hills:
Haselgrave, Loughborough

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch: SA uni tour and a players bra snapping mid sweep shot 😂

Goals for future:
Win a medal at the commonwealth games

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