Club Statement from Club Executive on Covid19

Hi all,
I hope this message finds you all safe and well.
Cricket Leinster along with Cricket Ireland has put in place a roadmap for
the return to cricket. In phase 2 June 8th practice will start and in phase 4 July 20th game will start.
All this depends on all the phases moving forward as predicted.
This will cover practice and games for all, youths, men and women.
All clubs will have to do a risk assessment on the spread of the virus in
their club and put in place a return to practice and play document with the help of Cricket Leinster.
The club will have to set up a Covid committee with Covid officers to
take charge of all practice and games.
This will include a timesheet for all practice sessions with only 2 people
allowed to practice together unless they are family, there can be a number
of groups practicing at the same time as long as they keep to the
A Covid officer will attend practice and make sure the timesheet is
followed and all the return to practice protocols are followed.
After every practice, all equipment will need to be sanitized ready for the
next group.
This is just an outline of what is to come for the club.
Some clubs may find this hard to achieve, others may only be able to
cope with small numbers, we as a club will be doing all we can to make
this work.
Going forward we will try to keep you updated on all matters cricket.
My email address is if you want to contact me.
From The Hills Cricket Club, Thank you for all your support.
Matt Dwyer, Chairperson.

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