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Youth Protocol For Adults



This document must be read in conjunction with The Hills Cricket Club’s Youth Policies and Guidelines and The Irish Sport’s Council’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport.

The Hills Cricket Club recognises that there are many reasons why children participate in team sports and that there are also many different motivators for them which depend, among other factors, on their age, ability and relative social maturity. Nevertheless the club also recognises that there should be one overriding protocol which applies in all instances.

This protocol encapsulates the belief that cricket, at juvenile level, must:-

  • Be an enjoyable and learning social experience
  • Challenge individuals to improve themselves to the best oftheir abilities
  • Provide a base for developing skills and expertise and,through this, create opportunities for building healthyrelationships with peers and adults
  • Provide training and playing regimes within a supportiveculture which is positive – irrespective of competitive outcomes
  • With respect to the adoption of a cohesive approach to the above tenets all adults involved with The Hills Cricket Club’s Juvenile section are asked to:-
    • Take a holistic view with regard to the child’s individual development and work to create an atmosphere in which the child feels safe within the club’s cricket community
    • Foster a culture of healthy participative competition which includes the ideal of respect, both for the individual and for others
  • Ensure that all children are properly and fairly catered for, both at training and at matches
  • Recognise that many children regard their social participation as a more important factor than being in a winning teamThe Hills Cricket Club believes that each child must be treated as an individual and that each age group requires a different approach. Similarly girls and boys have a different view of competition and learn differently.The dangers of overstressing the concept of winning are well recognised. Consequently, while the primary goal of a professional sportsperson is winning, this is not appropriate for children. The goals should be having fun, learning, and being with friends.The long term focus is to develop the next generation of Hills club members who will find playing at all levels; participation in social activities; and general club membership a satisfying, rewarding and enduring experience. They are our future.

    6th October 2012


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