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Social Media Policy

The Hills Cricket Club (“THCC” or the “Club”) recognises that social media provide an effective platform for discussion and information sharing amongst adult and youth club members together with the wider community. THCC wishes to promote and encourage the positive use of social media platforms by all members and for the benefit of the Club. 

Nevertheless, THCC also recognises that the use of social media can pose risks to the Club and our reputation, our requirement to comply with legal obligations as well as to individual members. One inappropriate comment can cause distress to one person and impact on hundreds of others. The purpose of this policy is to protect Club members, minimise risk and ensure THCC’s social media is used appropriately. 



The Key Message is “Think before you post!

  • Posts on THCC’s social media or media linked to THCC’s social media, be it photos, comments or links should not be inappropriate.
  • Users must not engage in activities or transmit content that is harassing, discriminatory, menacing, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or in any way objectionable or offensive.
  • Users are personally responsible for what they communicate on social media and should remember that what they publish may be available to a wide audience over a lengthy period of time.
  • Users should not post comments which could be construed as sensitive, objectionable or inflammatory.
  • When using social media, users should respect their audience.
  • Users should not engage in any inappropriate chat with young members.
  • Users should not criticise a player’s performance or skill development or make a personal attack on any player, umpire, official club or any other person or body which could bring the game or THCC into disrepute.
  • Inappropriate, derogatory or defamatory remarks or unseemly language should never be used

Remember, the term ‘young person’ means those under 18 years old and also includes vulnerable Adults.
Anyone who finds a post inappropriate or wishes to make a complaint should e-mail details to the Club Chairperson or Hon Secretary


  • Comments that are deemed to flout the guidelines above will be removed by the administrators and the person who posted will be informed.
  • Destructive or negative uses will be deleted and users blocked from engaging with the club’s Facebook page, Twitter account or Website. Any member who persistently posts inappropriate content will be dealt with by the Club’s disciplinary subcommittee.
  • The THCC Designated Liaison Person will be informed of any matters relating to young or vulnerable people and deal with the post as appropriate.
  • Issues relating to adults and the reputation of THCC will be referred to the Executive Committee who may refer the matter to the Club’s disciplinary subcommittee.
  • There may also be additional sanctions imposed on the Club/member by Leinster Cricket Union and Cricket Ireland.


THCC uses a Twitter account @thehillcc, Facebook page and Website to represent the Club to the outside world, catering for members and prospective members as well as providing information for other clubs and general browsers seeking knowledge about THCC.  Additional social media platforms may be added from time to time if deemed appropriate by the Executive.

  • Material published on these mediums is strictly controlled by members of the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee authorises certain individuals involved in key roles within the Club to post on these social media platforms.
  • Comments and photos/videos posted will feature positive club news and events.
  • Personal information about members will not be disclosed.
  • No statements will be made that are misleading, false or likely to injure the reputation of another person/organisation.


The Cricket Ireland Child Safeguarding Manual (CI Child Safeguarding Manual) and the Club’s Youth Policy and Child Safeguarding statement provide the relevant ( To be in place by 11/3/18 ) guidance to communicating with young or vulnerable people.

The key Do’s and Don’ts when communicating with young people are:


  • contact players only when necessary 
  • copy parents into written communication (i.e. letters or emails) 
  • speak with a player and their parents if there is a need to communicate information in relation to playing, training or competition 
  • clearly state the club’s policy on communication with players and parents. 

Contacting young people by phone, text, e-mail or social networking site should never be undertaken without parental consent. 


  • contacting a young person unnecessarily 
  • e-mailing young people directly as individuals (but this can be done as part of a disclosed list, once permission has been gained to do so) 
  • using text or a social networking site as a medium of contact with a young person 
  • making or receiving calls on a mobile phone during training or at competition (coach). It is inappropriate to compromise the safety of a session 
  • e-mailing one young person without copying in parents, other players or club members. 

5     Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app, which lets you send messages, images and videos to friends. You can have 1-1 conversations as well as group chats. The app is being increasingly used by Club members as a useful communication tool. This clause recognises that Whatsapp is being used with young persons and provides guidance on good practice for using the app.


  • Have an adult (Captain/Coach or Manager) set the group up (allowing admin rights) 
  • Ensure the group has at least 2 adults 
  • Tell participants what the app is/isn’t to be used for 
  • Inform parents of its intended use 
  • Get the participants to agree how the app is to be used i.e. only Cricket orientated content 
  • Keep language appropriate 
  • Ensure members have a mechanism to report inappropriate content 


  • Assume everyone is on WhatsApp
  • Use the app for private messaging 
  • Use the app to replace formal feedback

 This guidance should be applied to all equivalent social media/group communication apps.       


Any form of advertising of a commercial nature must be approved by the Executive Committee prior to being distributed through any social media channel that is viewed by THCC Members, including but not exclusive to Facebook, Twitter or the Club Website. 

THCC Cricket Club, 20 February 2018.


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