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Bringing you regular news updates from all sections of our Club, together with results and brief details from all matches.

Vol. 1, issue 1, April 6th, 2021

A message from the President of The Hills, Michael Dwyer;

Well, what a year it has been! I hope you’re all keeping well and the lockdown hasn’t been too difficult for you.

I’m delighted and excited to write this address as President, in our very first newsletter; well done to all who have helped to create it. This newsletter will prove to be a very important way to communicate with our members and friends about what is going on in all aspects of our club.

I’m really looking forward to standing side by side with members and visitors watching some cricket this year and I firmly believe it will happen. Playing cricket is what our club is all about and it has been very difficult to keep the momentum of the club going while its core function has been prohibited.

I have to thank the members of the executive and of the various sub-committees for their hard work in keeping The Hills going at the high standards we have always maintained.

I would also like to thank our sponsors and fundraisers who have continued to support us without getting the normal return; let’s all dig deep and support our sponsors as well as our fundraisers this year.

I also want to thank the committee and members for extending my term as President for an extra year, and I look forward to carrying out the various duties that I didn’t get a chance to perform las year. I’ll be nominating a President Elect at the end of the coming season.

Finally, I’m taking this opportunity to wish all team managers, captains, and players in all teams, youth to First XIs, the very best of luck in 2021.


A message from The Hills Ladies’ First XI Captain, Miranda Andrews

Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well and looking forward to the season ahead. Hopefully restrictions will be lifted and we’ll get some cricket and have a chance to spend some time with our “cricket family”. There’s nothing better than sitting on the wall, watching a match on a sunny day with friends.

We have entered two teams this year in Division 1 and Division 3. We have a wonderful blend of experience, talent, enthusiasm, and complementary skill sets in The Hills Ladies section and we can’t wait to showcase them. Our strength is building and we hope to be able to demonstrate this on the pitch. There’s lots of work being done behind the scenes in all aspects of women’s cricket; so girls, be ready for when the shout comes for when training can start. And don’t forget to bring along a couple of pals! We’ve been very fortunate to have a new sponsor for our kit and are excited about “the big reveal” so keep your ear to the ground, watch out for “The Vineyard Vibe” and keep an eye on the social media channels.

Looking forward to a successful season!


A message from the Captain of The Hills First XI, Tomás Rooney Murphy;

Hi all, I hope everyone is staying safe and well. It’s been the longest of winters between seasons but we’re nearly there and the light at the end of the tunnel has never been closer.

For the coming season, we look forward to building on the progress we made last year with some new members on the First team and more of the younger members coming through. We welcome a few new additions this season as well as the return of some well rested older faces, making for another exciting year at The Vineyard, once we get going.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


A message from the Secretary of The Hills Youth Cricket sub-committee, Alan Courell;

We are delighted to hear that a clear road map has been outlined by the Government allowing us to commence training at the end of this month. We have been working closely with the Cricket Leinster Youth Committee to involve as many teams as possible in the 2021 season. We have entered as many as fourteen teams in various competitions, ranging from “Mixed Cats” teams made up of 1st and 2nd class boys and girls, to the Under 17 boys.

We will also have our regular Blue Stump sessions on Wednesday evenings for kids between 5 and 8 years old.

We will be getting assistance from some of our young adults, a number of whom have completed the Child Safeguarding Course allowing them to help.

One of the main aims of The Youth Committee will be to integrate our young players into adult cricket and we’ll be working closely with the Senior cricket sub-committee in this regard.

Keep an eye on the social media channels and “The Vineyard Vibe” for dates and times of training sessions.




Cricket Leinster have, after much debate, decreed that all Open cup competitions will be played in coloured clothing and that league cricket will be red ball/white clothing. This regulation means that all male players will require the SS gear, as used by the First XI last season. The ladies will be availing of their newly sponsored kit.

The Club has arranged with Ed Sports for supply of the appropriate kit as well as some casual clothing which may appeal to some non-playing members too. It has been arranged that an initial bulk order will be placed by the Club and that subsequently Individual purchases can be made directly from the Ed Sports website. Please see the attached brochure for details and prices.

A note from the editor

This is the inaugural issue of The Vineyard Vibe and we hope you found it informative and useful. As time goes on, and as we gain more experience, we are confident that The Vibe will prove its worth.

We will have contributions, throughout the season, from correspondents in all the teams and sections, so there shouldn’t be any excuse for not knowing about dates, times, or venues of matches or Club functions.

When the season gets up and running, we’ll be publishing on a weekly basis but until then you can expect us to drop into your inbox once a fortnight.

If you know of anyone else who would like to receive this newsletter please ask them to forward their email address to us and we’ll add them to our list of recipients.

See you soon,


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