The Hills announce exciting Danish Link Up


A Message from our Chairman,

After quite a bit of research within the cricket community during our Planning phase, a unanimous view prevailed that a programme to overcome the gaps that currently exist within the club structure is necessary, one of the programmes we agreed would be to explore a link with the Danish Cricket Association!

Following discussions with people involved within the club and are own personal experiences over the last couple of seasons it was agreed that the objective of this programme should be:

  •  To work in partnership with the relevant people (within the Danish Cricket Association)
  •  To implement an organised Development Programme for talented players from Denmark to play within The Hills Cricket Club, on the best grass wickets on the island of Ireland which will enable them to enhance their talent, technical and tactical abilities they have already developed.

In order to achieve this objective The Hills Cricket Club in partnership with Danish Cricket will develop The Programme which aims:

  •  To identify, develop and evaluate players who would play at the required level in our Division 1 league with our 1st team.
  • To enable emerging talent within Denmark cricket, the chance to develop all of their capacities to their full potential by playing with our 2nd team also to further develop playing on grass wickets, these players maybe some of your younger squad members who might be on regional squads within your country!
  •  To provide all players that come over to The Hills Cricket Club with a more challenging level of training and development, breaking the training down as we do in WHOLE- PART-WHOLE method which further enhances Learning by doing!
  •  To provide the players with the opportunity to train in structured and quality environment, this has been an area which we as a club have identified as crucial for success…….Good Planning/Organisational and Implementation within our sessions is key for the future and achieving all the goals/ targets we set throughout the club.
  • To provide a higher quantity and quality of player for our Adult squads and Youth squads, representative and international sides.
  •  To improve the quality of players Adult(Male/Female) and (Boys /Girls) across all levels of the game of cricket within our club through your players linking in with our Coaches to provide quality Coaching sessions through creating a good learning environment for all to develop both players and coaches.
  • To provide and formalise a link with Denmark which potentially could see an exchange programme for Coaching workshops with our Coaches and your Coaches coming together to learn further from each other,plus the full use of our state of the art facilities to enable you to have International squad sessions which would enable you to train and eat at the venue, which would be very beneficial.

In addition bringing underage squads on tour within Denmark and obviously bringing squads from your country over to The Hills Cricket Club which would see them play games and to take part in Coaching sessions with our senior panel of Coaches!

It is our belief that The Hills Cricket Club’s merging with the Danish Cricket Association would be of huge benefit to both parties. It would have a very positive and long lasting effect on the Development of Cricket in our club. The future will see continual standards rise and will eventually result in a higher standard of player playing within the club…at Rep. level/Intl level and also at our grassroots level which is really important to sustain our club in the future.

We look forward to this link with Danish Cricket for many years to come.

Yours in Cricket,

Kind Regards,

Paul Smyth,

Chairman of The Hills Cricket Club.



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