THCC Summer Camp 2016

Friday 5th August saw the final day of our Summer Camp. Four days of fun, games and cricket learning.

Over forty children, in three different age groups, made new friends and renewed older friendships as they warmed up each morning playing Bulldog or Fumble before moving on to learning about the different disciplines involved in the playing of cricket.

Each child was given individual attention as they batted, bowled and fielded. Our ten young coaches and helpers grew into their tasks and responsibilities with admirable diligence; their love for the game was obvious to the Campers who readily picked up on what they were being taught.

Mammies and Daddies reported that their children had announced that “cricket camp is the BEST thing in the WHOLE WORLD!” so we must have been doing something right.

On Friday, before we said goodbye to the Campers, our Club President, Seamus Clinton, visited us to make presentations to The Hills’ latest Ireland players and to wish them well in their upcoming international tournaments.

Seamus presented cards and small tokens of our respect for their achievements to;

Katie Boylan and Aisling Byrne, chosen for Ireland under 17 girls, And Harry Archer, picked for Ireland under 15 boys.

The President then presented each of our Cricket Campers with a small gift to remind them of their fun week at The Vineyard.

Special thanks are due to Christine O’Loughlin for giving her time to looking after the admin work and for her application of the “magic” ice pack on the very few occasions it was called for. And for providing some photographs.

 The contribution of our young coaches and assistants, they know who they are, was invaluable. In truth, the Camp couldn’t have happened without them. Thank you all for your help, gang.

Thanks once again to Club President Seamus Clinton for making the time to come along and make all those presentations.

THCC One Club! Up The Yard!


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