Senior Player Profiles for 2020 start with Men’s skipper Tomás Rooney-Murphy!

Today we kick off introductions to our Senior Men’s and Women’s squads! First up is our Men’s skipper Tomás Rooney Murphy! Today’s Senior player profile is sponsored by thank you for your continued support!

Name + nickname:
Tomás Rooney Murphy + Murph

Age: 27

Favourite batting shot: Pull shot

Bowling type: Seam

Debut for senior team: v Leinster, Rathmines, 2009

Best memory in hills colours: catching the final wicket in the All-Ireland final v Clontarf in Clontarf (see photo below for evidence of my happiness!)

Worst memory in hills colours: being relegated

Favorite player you’ve played with: Max Sorensen. Always good company (unless he’s gone for a few 🦍)

Player you wish you got to play with: Bryn Thomas. I think he was the type of player that would have fit in well in the teams I’ve played in.

Favorite ground you’ve played in apart from the hills: North County for the occasion. Local rivalry. For scenery probably Oakhill.

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch: Carlos Brathwaite switch hitting Lukey over Mid Off into the houses in Pembroke on T20 finals day.

Goals for future: to enjoy playing cricket as much as possible

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