Senior Player Profile: Bhavesh Lakotia

A tough loss to take at the weekend but today our player profiles are back to keep you entertained! Today’s player profile is none other than Bhav and is sponsored by Moriarty’s SuperValu Skerries

Name + nickname: Bhavesh Lakhotia (Bhav)


Right handed batsman

Debut for senior team: 2019 vs YMCA
(Won a nail-biter)

Best memory in hills colours: winning Leinster Senior Cup win, 2019

Worst memory in hills colours: Losing qualifier for premier league final, 2019

Favorite player you’ve played with: Naz.

Player you wish you got to play with: Albert van der merwe. Only spoke briefly few times. Seems very knowledgable about the game.

Favorite ground you’ve played in apart from the hills: Barkatullah Khan Stadium, Jodhpur

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch: Stopped the ball diving at point against trinity, but only after pole-vaulting off my own chin.

Goals for future: Win a major tournament each season.

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