Senior Men’s Player Profile: Naseer “Naz” Shoukat

Up next we’ve got club legend Naseer Shoukat. Today’s player profile is sponsored by Specsavers, thank you for your continued support!

Name: Naseer Shoukat/Naz

Age: 54

Favourite batting shot: straight drive

Bowling type: right arm medium

Debut for senior time: 2010 ( for hills) 1995 in general

Best memory in hills colours: After winning the Irish Senior Cup 2012 when Flash came and hugged me and said now I can die in peace

Worst memory in hills colours: losing against rush in Irish senior Cup quarter finals

Favourite player you’ve played with: Luke Clinton

Player you wished you got to play with: John wills and Alan Lewis

Favourite ground you played in apart from hills: Clontarf

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch: max fielding on mid wicket and taking a great catch by diving and his pants coming off halfway

Goals for future: Play one more successful season for the hills

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