Player Profile: Senior Ladies Skipper Miranda Andrews

Today’s player profile is the skipper of our senior ladies Miranda Andrews and is sponsored by Well Fit Health and Leisure Limited thank you for your continued support🏋🏻‍♀️

Name + nickname:
Miranda – Mary, JD


Favorite batting shot:
Straight drive over the boundary or any boundary shot.

Bowling type:
Use to be Medium pace, now any type that gets wickets.

Debut for senior team:
Too long ago to remember, playing senior cricket along time… started around 14yrs old, in around that stage of my youth!

Best memory in hills colours:
2010 been captain and winning the double that year, junior league & junior cup but it if there has to be one, it was getting to our first senior cup final, after many hard years of work playing off.

Worst memory in hills colours:
Losing that senior cup final.

Favourite player you’ve played with:
Tracy Clinton /Mary, the bants will always be had. On and off the pitch … many moons ago play alongside Clare Shillington and Adele Spenser with Malahide 40 overs as a guest player, can’t leave out the one and only Ciara Metcalfe.

Player you wish you got to play with:
Miriam Grealey, only had the pleasure of playing against her.

Favorite ground you’ve played in apart from the hills:
North County (the inch & Nevitt).

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch:
Too many mention, so this one is off the pitch, but after junior cup final think 2011, which we came 2nd in, back in the clubhouse having no cup to celebrate, we used a teapot, that teapot stayed around for a few years, was one of the best ideas we had… any excuse to fill it!!

Goals for the future:
To retire and leave it the team in the capable hands of the young ladies coming up the ranks, and be able to watch how far they have grown, and become great cricketers! knowing they are going places and keep the future of The Hills Women’s cricket alive… #uptheyard

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