Ladies Second X1 Match Report Vs Leinster

The Hills Ladies 2nds team’s first match of the season was played in Leinster CC. It was a beautiful summers day as the team approached the fabulous ground in Rathmines, many had come from far and near to play this match.

The Ladies second team is a mixture of sporty more mature ladies combined with a mixture of up-and-coming young talented cricketers.  We had two of our junior side making their debut on the ladies’ team, Ceola Brophy and Genevieve Treacy who played extremely well and really enjoyed the experience.  A special mention to Aimee Scollard who was determined to play on her confirmation day and who went on to bowl and field very well in the first innings.  

Anna Butterly made her debut on the ladies’ team, with a little persuasion, and only a few overs into the match went on to take a fabulous catch off Aimee Maguire’s bowling.  The fun and laughter in the field exploded as if we had won the world cup. 

Molly Butterly was behind the wickets doing what she usually does best, keep up the good work Molly.

Martha Maguire and Catherine Archer are the mentors of this young up and coming side, we are proud of all our juniors.

We won the toss and decided to field, the fielding was tight all round.

Bowling was excellent on the day with Lara McBride getting 2 wickets and Aimee Maguire getting 2 wickets and extremely tight bowling by Chloe Ericson.

Lara McBride 2-8-4

Aimee Maguire 2-17-4

Chloe Ericson 0-7-3

Leinster Total 97 runs required

Lara McBride and Aimee Maguire opened the batting with a strong display of excellent batting, Lara making 34 runs and Aimee making 47 runs, Lara’s wicket fell late on in the game (caught) with only a few runs required and Chloe went on to make 4 runs not out Well done to the all the team and a special thanks to Leinster who were so lovely and welcoming on the evening, thank you to Joe McBride for scoring and Mark Maguire for umpiring

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