Winter Work At The Hills

FYI: Just some updates regarding Winter Work in The Hills Cricket Club and where we are at.  Our Scorers Box has been removed and the footpads will be put in next week to receive the new box which will be our Office and Umpires Room that we have currently out the back of the clubhouse which will be finished off in a wood cladding befitting to it’s surroundings! This will increase the size of the Scorers Box and will facilitate all DLS in the one site with Umpires able to access the room which helps Umpires and Scorers discuss matters together. We did secure a Grant of €500.00 to help toward the cost of this project!

We will also be getting a prefab structure from Milverton NS in mid February which is a project that we will be looking toward housing up to 2 players/ coaches in the summer months, it is an exciting project and one which would potentially save the club money going forward regarding Accommodation etc. the idea would be to turn it into a 2 bed Apartment with Kitchen, Toilet and living Area!  This building would be located directly behind the clubhouse(in the Area where the Container is located at the moment!). We will be moving the container down beside the nets which will make for easier access to training equipment etc.  We have discussed and agreed also that with our outstanding grant monies we will be revamping our water and shower system in the club and we have secured favourable quotes on this work, plus we will be looking to erect a more suitable fence on the Skerries Road end of the ground and are presently looking over what would look well and be suitable.  We will be replacing the old picnic benches in front of the clubhouse with 5 new ones and this will be a sponsored project I know some have already been sponsored but if your interested in taking one get in touch with any committee member for arrangements.  All the above work as you can understand have different timelines but we are quietly confident that most of the above projects will be completed for this coming season and the prefab idea might take a little longer.  Other Ideas are to extend the Patio Area by a few slabs and to construct a BBQ area toward the gable end of the clubhouse (towards the Scores Box side!) but with all the above mentioned we will need people on the ground helping to Help….Hopefully, we can get behind and support all the above projects in The Hills Cricket Club ……..We are building for the future of our club….and developing as we go! Can you help your club??…… Then please get in touch!

On Behalf of The Hills Cricket Club #THCC

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