Cricket Leinster Club Draw

Cricket Leinster is delighted to re-launch the Your Club/Your Province Grand Prize Raffle for 2021.

This year the Draw is also open to clubs in Munster as a means of raising funds as well.

There are €7,500 worth of prizes to be won this year.

In continued compliance with social distancing, this year’s raffle will again be an on-line process where clubs will encourage individuals (members, friends, supporters, alumni) to purchase tickets on-line at €15 per ticket on the following link:

And remember – all ticket sales proceeds will accrue to your club – all you need to do is ensure that the ticket purchaser records your club as the beneficiary at the time of purchase.

We will disperse proceeds on a regular basis to assist clubs with cash-flow so it’s important to push ticket sales via your networks – all it involves is sending out the link!

The Draw will take place at our next CL Awards Night so you have many months to encourage people to purchase tickets and they don’t even have to leave their homes to buy a ticket!

Ideally all members of your club commit to sending the poster and the purchasing link via WhatsApp or Text to as many friends, family and contacts as possible with a request to purchase at least one ticket!

Hope all our clubs will materially benefit from this fundraising initiative – last year our clubs collectively raised over €55,000 in 7 months which was a brilliant effort.

Cricket Leinster would like to thank all those individuals and companies who have provided the prizes.

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