AGM Reminder/Call for nominations

All members are reminded that the Hills Cricket Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 6th November 2023 at 7.30pm in the Vineyard. Nominations in line with the Club Constitution are invited for the Club Committee. A number of Nominations have already been received as listed below. Nominations remain open until 6pm Saturday 28th October 2023. If you wish to make a nomination please advise Club Secretary Martin Kavanagh in writing or by email to;

The name of your nominee, the position to which the nomination refers, and the name of the seconder are required. All proposers, seconders, and nominees must be registered as full members of The Hills Cricket Club. Nominees are required to confirm that they are agreeable to their nomination. A final list of nominations will be issued in advance of the meeting together with the final agenda and reports from the various sub-committees.

Nominations already received are;

 President, Bobby Swarbrigg, deemed elected

President Elect, to be announced at AGM, deemed elected

 Chairperson, Kathleen Gavin. Proposed Bobby Swarbrigg, Seconded Michelle Everard

Hon Secretary, Martin Kavanagh Proposed Kathleen Gavin Seconded, Michael Dwyer

Honorary Treasurer Michelle Everard Proposed Martin Kavanagh, Seconded Andrew Russell

Chair Cricket committee, Barry Grimes Proposed Bobby Swarbrigg Seconded Kathleen Gavin

Women’s cricket Representative, Mark Maguire, Proposed Ladies Committee, Seconded Kathleen Gavin

 Chairperson Grounds Committee, Willie Dwyer, Proposed Conor Maguire, Seconded Bobby Swarbrigg

 Chairperson Youth Committee, Andrew Russell Proposed Youth Committee, Seconded Luke Clinton

Fundraising Committee Conor Maguire Proposed Michelle Everard, Seconded John Derham

Designated Liaison Person Gary Woodhouse Deemed elected (ex officio)

Safeguarding Officer, Luke Clinton Deemed Elected (Ex Officio)

Ordinary Members, Michael Dwyer, Proposed Bobby Swarbrigg, Seconded Kathleen Gavin

John Derham, Proposed Martin Kavanagh Seconded Andrew Kavanagh

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