2017 Membership Fees

I appreciate that many of you have already paid your subscriptions but there are gaps in the lists of adult players where we’d prefer no gaps.  It’s not easy to keep a club like ours afloat, especially considering the low level of membership fees we charge, so it is imperative that everyone pulls their weight and pays the appropriate amount. The Membership Fees are as follows;

Adult Male player      €120.00
Adult Female Player  €80.00
Ordinary Member      €80.00
Student Member       €70.00  (including apprentices)
Youth Member          €70.00
Under 9 years           €50.00
Pavilion Member       €40.00
Our Club Constitution states that anyone who has not paid the appropriate fee by May 31st will not be eligible for selection, in other words No Pay, No Play! The Selection Committees have been reminded of this rule and WILL enforce it.
We also appeal to our friends and supporters to assist us in the running and upkeep of the Club by taking up Pavilion Membership. If anyone would like to do so please contact me at this email address or on 087 2277563.
Thank you!
Bobby Swarbrigg, Hon. Membership Secretary, The Hills Cricket Club. 
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